Family violence services training

A selection of resources to support workplace learning and development for family violence services.

After-hours electronic Specialist Homelessness Information Platform (SHIP) referrals

Referrals from the Statewide 24/7 Family Violence Crisis Service (Safe Steps) to the Local Family Violence After-hours Service are sent electronically via the Specialist Homelessness Information Platform (SHIP). 

The SHIP eLearning module provides new and existing family violence crisis response workers operating in an after-hours setting with the skills to send and receive electronic referrals via SHIP.

This training is further supported by the SHIP guidance for Local Family Violence After-hours services (word).

SHIP referral eLearning module video

From 1 July 2021, it's a requirement that all new staff working in crisis response in the after-hours setting undertake the SHIP eLearning module.

SHIP referral eLearning module video transcript (word)