Reporting incidents

How to report client incidents, privacy incidents and reportable conduct.

Incident reporting aims to improve the quality of services by capturing information about incidents in order to identify trends. This informs the implementation of preventative measures and strengthens response to adverse events.

Reporting client incidents

The Client Incident Management System (CIMS) focuses on incidents that have a direct impact on clients of the department or related funded organisations. Service providers are required to submit client incident reports and follow-up information electronically to the department for quality assurance and endorsement. This will help to improve the experience and safety of all clients.

A client incident is defined as ‘an event or circumstance that occurred during service delivery and resulted in harm to a client’.

Note that this excludes incidents that affect staff or members of the public but do not have an impact on a client. Such incidents should be reported through other appropriate channels, including reports to Victoria Police or WorkSafe.

Further information can be found on the Client Incident Management page.

Reportable conduct scheme

Allegations against workers or volunteers of reportable conduct (child abuse and misconduct involving children) should be reported through the Commissioner for Children and Young People. Visit the reportable conduct scheme page for information.

Reporting privacy incidents

The privacy incident report form should be used to notify the department about privacy breaches.

Privacy incidents must be reported within one business day. A privacy breach that impacts a client may need to be reported as a client incident under CIMS as well as through a privacy incident report.

Further information can be found on the Privacy policy page.