eBusiness Portal

The department has a number of computer-based applications that are, or will be in the future, available for use over the Internet by management, staff and volunteers of funded agencies.

These applications are being made available from the eBusiness portal, a secure environment that allows managed access to previously internal software applications. The department’s computer systems are provided for the conduct of the business of the Department. ​

eBusiness portal login

Log in to the eBusiness portal.

This link will also provide instructions on how to register with the eBusiness portal.

My Agency

The Funded Agency Channel provides an additional secure area, My Agency, only accessible by registered users within funded organisations.

My Agency provides organisation-based staff with quick and easy access to information specific to their service agreements with each department, including:  

  • Organisation specific service agreement information for the current, future and previous financial years
  • Access to payment schedules, invoices and the progress of variations to agreements
  • E-remittance (payment) advice relating to the service agreement
  • Organisation performance reports for funded activities
  • Departmental policies, standards and guidelines, data collections and other reporting requirements
  • Relevant legislation.