Parenting and family support

Parenting and family services are available to support Victorian children and families. Supports range from early help for families with emerging needs to intensive services for those involved with the statutory system.

Early support

Early help services are for children and families with emerging needs who require extra support from the child and family system as well as universal services.

Parenting support

Evidence-based Parenting Support programs support parents to build their skills and confidence. These programs and services are delivered by local councils and community service organisations across Victoria.

The Orange Door

The Orange Door (replacing Child FIRST) is the entry point into family services and family violence services. They provide support services for:

  • women, children and young people experiencing family violence
  • families who need assistance with the care and wellbeing of children.

For more information, visit The Orange Door website

Professionals can make a referral to the Orange Door if they are concerned about a child’s wellbeing. This includes those who work with:

  • vulnerable children and young people aged 0 to 17 years and their families
  • families with an unborn child.

Family services

Registered community organisations provide tailored family services for families and children from pre-birth to 17 years of age. The policy and program guidelines support the planning and delivery of quality services across the integrated child and family services system.

Intensive support

Intensive services work with children and families experiencing a range of needs with increasing vulnerabilities or risks. This includes children who have experienced or are likely to experience significant harm and may need to reside away from their families.

These children require sustained support in collaboration with Child Protection and universal, specialist and community services.

Family preservation and reunification

Services are available for children, families and carers where children have required placement. Delivered in collaboration with Child Protection, these services provide tailored support to minimise placement and support reunification.