Funded agency channel

The Funded Agency Channel (FAC) is a website that supports the partnership relationship between us and the Department of Education and Training (DET), and the organisations they fund.

The majority of information displayed on FAC is available to the general public.

It includes:

  • Information about Government, DHHS, divisions and regions 
  • Broader information to support community sector organisations (both funded and non-funded) such as fleet management, workforce, procurement, funding, news and events.

FAC aims to operate as an inter-departmental site that objectively balances the needs of all parties, within government and externally, and within our funded organisations.

User groups include:

  • Organisation boards
  • Senior executives
  • Middle managers (including finance, human resources and administrative managers)
  • Unit and program managers with management/administrative responsibilities
  • Relevant departmental managers and staff in regional and divisional offices.

For more information go to the Funded Agency Channel website.

My Agency

FAC provides an additional secure area, My Agency, only accessible by registered users within funded organisations.

My Agency provides organisation-based staff with quick and easy access to information specific to their service agreements with each department, including:  

  • Organisation specific service agreement information for the current, future and previous financial years
  • Access to payment schedules, invoices and the progress of variations to agreements
  • E-remittance (payment) advice relating to the service agreement
  • Organisation performance reports for funded activities
  • Departmental policies, standards and guidelines, data collections and other reporting requirements
  • Relevant legislation.

Service Agreement Requirements

Service Agreement Requirements is a streamlined contract document.

The Service Agreement Requirements is a contractual document and outlines the departmental responsibilities and the policies and obligations that all funded organisations must comply with. 

It can be found on the Funded Agency Channel website.