Not-for-profit organisations

There's a range of helpful publications and resources available, supporting the Victorian not-for-profit community sector to strengthen capacity, governance and sustainability.

Workforce capability framework

The Workforce Capability Framework lists the skills, knowledge and attributes needed in a wide range of roles in the not for profit sector, for use in attraction and retention, performance management and career planning.

Governance for community organisations

Governance resources to assist your not-for-profit organisation to remain viable and to address issues such as authority, accountability and leadership.

Strategic business planning

Case study videos highlight how some not for profit community organisations have improved their business practices with strategic business planning. Other resources and case studies are also available.

Finance for community organisations

Find out about Workplace Giving schemes and working collaboratively with philanthropic organisations, all Finance options.

Victorian Common Funding Agreement

The Victorian Common Funding Agreement is used by all Victorian Government departments that fund not-for-profit community organisations to deliver services and projects.