Strategic business planning

Watch the case study videos that highlight how some not for profit community organisations have improved their business practices through strategic business planning. Other resources are also available.

Not for profit community organisations are being required to operate in an increasingly complex and changing environment, as they grapple with challenges, such as population growth, housing affordability, an ageing population, pandemics and rapid advances in technology.

Not for profit's need to take the opportunity to review and change, to remain relevant and responsive and become more effective and efficient to ensure their sustainability. They are also taking the opportunity to further develop their capacity, by consolidating their skills in areas such as strategic and business planning, evaluation, contract management and reporting, workforce training and development and industrial relations.

Improving business practice- video case studies

The former Business Planning for Not for Profit Organisations Program featured business planning seminars and individual business mentoring sessions to support not for profit community organisations improve business practices. The program ran between November 2011 and June 2013. Video case studies were produced to provide examples of organisations implementing improved business planning practices. The six stories illustrate how improved business practices such as sound governance, strategic planning and income generation support the longer term sustainability of not for profit organisations.

Collingwood Children's Farm

Family Life

Friends of Bendigo Kilmore rail trail

Shoestring Gardening

Wellspring for Women

  • Workplace giving

    A workplace giving scheme is an arrangement between a not for profit organisation and a business to enable the employees of the business to donate to the community organisation through the payroll system.

    To become a recipient of a workplace giving scheme, your organisation must first have deductible gift recipient (DGR) status. Find out more about DGR on the Australian Taxation Office website

    Workplace Giving Australia has resources available in their public library relating to philanthropy with a predominant focus on workplace giving.

  • Philanthropy

    Philanthropy Australia as the peak body serve a community of funders, social investors and social change agents who work to achieve positive social, cultural, environmental and community change by leveraging their financial assets and influence.

  • There when needed, response to challenges- case studies

    The case studies attached below explain how some not for profit's have responded to the challenges emerging across the community sector, to ensure longer term sustainability of their organisation.