As the demand for affordable housing increases in Victoria, the not-for-profit sector will play an important role in preventing and reducing homelessness.


Organisations that provide homelessness assistance, family violence assistance and other case-managed support services that are funded by us must be accredited. For more information, see Human services standards policy in Related resources.

Standards and guidelines

Standards and guidelines are designed to assist funded agencies to deliver services and manage business in accordance with program objectives and funding conditions.

As from 1 July 2012 the Homelessness Assistance Service Standards were replaced by the Human Services Standards. All funded organisations in scope will need to transition to these standards.


The Victorian Government provides training and development to organisations to ensure they have the skills to deliver the most efficient and effective service for people in need. For more information, see Housing community workers.

Housing Establishment Fund

The Housing Establishment Fund (HEF) is available to Transitional Housing Management (THM) agencies and Homelessness Support Program agencies to assist eligible clients to access overnight accommodation or private rental accommodation. For more information, see Housing Establishment Fund.

Victorian Housing Register

The Victorian Housing Register (the register) sees all new and existing public housing applications form part of the register. Department of Health and Human Service staff use the Victorian Housing Register to manage and allocate public housing properties to clients.

Referrals to community housing under the referral protocol will also be drawn from the Victorian Housing Register.

For policy questions about VHR eligibility and operational guidelines, email the Victorian Housing Register or call 1800 128 496.

For organisations needing assistance in using the online housing registration, call 1800 149 361.

Read more about the Victorian Housing Register on the Funded Agency Channel website.