Relocation manual

The Relocation manual outlines the processes the department uses to manage the relocation of clients where this is necessary to allow redevelopments to occur.

It describes the options for both relocation and moving back to a redeveloped site, and how this is implemented.

  • Introduction, references and revision history

    The purpose of this information is to outline the processes by which we manage relocations. It aims to ensure the department provides a fair and consistent application of policy to all clients.

    These policy and procedures apply to all tenants of the department.

    The procedures should be read in association with the policy. Where appropriate, referral should be made to other departmental manuals and documents to ensure the intent of the policy is achieved when administering procedures.

    Introduction, references and revision history (word)

  • Information and consultation

    Tenants, tenant groups, and advocates are invited to participate in the consultation process for redevelopment projects.

    The department interviews all households to establish their specific housing needs and requirements. We then continue to communicate with affected tenants throughout all stages of the redevelopment process.

    Information and consultation (word)

  • Move out

    Where the relocation of a tenant is necessary, to enable the redevelopment to occur, the department attempts to match housing to meet their requirements.

    The tenant may be provided with either 'interim relocation housing' (temporary accommodation, pending the tenant's return to the redeveloped housing) or 'permanent housing', if a tenant prefers to move and not return to a redeveloped site.

    Move out (word)

  • Move back

    Tenants can choose to remain in the property they have been relocated to, or move back to the redeveloped site. This is where there are suitable homes that meet their needs and eligibility.

    Where there are not enough redeveloped homes available for tenants to return to, they are offered a property at a location in close proximity to the redeveloped site or in alternative locations if tenants agree.

    Move back (word)

  • Payment of expenses

    When relocating from a public housing property, or moving back to a redeveloped home the department pays expenses such as:

    • Utility and telephone connections
    • Removalist fees
    • Transport.

    Payment of expenses (word)

  • Public Housing Renewal Program operational guidelines

    In December 2016, the State Government announced the Public Housing Renewal Program. The program will renew selected public housing estates to improve  the standard of public housing and more broadly, social housing to meet contemporary housing needs.

    The Public Housing Renewal Program Operational guidelines provide information about how renters are consulted and moved to suitable homes while redevelopment works are carried out under the Public Housing Renewal Program. They also detail the options renters have once the redevelopments are completed and the expenses the department pays during the move out and any move back to the estate. 

    These guidelines have been removed as they are currently under review.