Business practice manual

The purpose of this Business practice manual is to outline the business processes DHHS follows in managing the assistance given to public housing clients.
  • Client Services Charter

    The department's Client services charter describes the standards of service that clients of the department can expect. The charter is available on the department's website and in a range of languages.

  • Information privacy

    The department receives requests for client information from other government departments, agencies and the public. The process by which the department manages this information is performed in accordance with statutory obligations set out in the Information privacy principles.

    Read about our Information privacy policy (word) (Chapter 2 Business practice manual)

  • Exchange of information between Child Protection, ACCOs and Public Housing - operational guidelines

    These state-wide guidelines outline the exchange of information sharing arrangements between staff from Public Housing and Child Protection and authorised Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCO) where a child residing in public housing is a client, or potential client, of the Child Protection program.

    Read more about the Exchange of information between Child Protection, Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCOs) and Public Housing operational guidelines on the Child Protection Manual website.

  • Interpreting and translating services

    The department recognises the need for effective communication with all clients around public housing issues. If required, we can arrange interpreting and translating services so clients can communicate in their preferred language.

  • Housing appeals

    The Housing appeals process is an internal avenue of review available to clients who are dissatisfied with decisions relating to the provision of housing services.

    The Housing Appeals Office undertakes reviews of decisions in line with the department’s policy and operation guidelines. This is to ensure the correct policy has been applied and clients have been treated fairly and equitably.

    Housing appeals (word)

  • Managing claims operational guidelines

    There are processes a person may follow to make a claim against the department, due to loss or damage as a result of action, or inaction by Homes Victoria.

    It also covers the processes the department may follow to take action against an external party for loss or damage to a public housing property.

    Managing claims operational guidelines (word)

  • Complaints

    The department has a process for people to provide feedback, this includes if we have not provided a service in a satisfactory manner.

    We want to know if:

    • You feel a service is unsatisfactory
    • You did not receive enough information or choice
    • You were denied respect, dignity or privacy
    • You would like to leave a compliment about our service.

    For more information see, Making a complaint on our corporate website

  • Child Safe Standards

    Victorian organisations that provide services or facilities for children, including DHHS, are required by law to implement Child Safe Standards to protect children from harm and abuse.

    The standards aim to drive cultural change, so that protecting children is embedded in the everyday thinking and practice of our leaders, staff and volunteers. Departmental employees are required to comply with the Standards to keep children safe from harm and abuse.

    For more information, see Creating child safe organisations.

  • Rental References operational guidelines

    These operational guidelines outline the requirements for the provision of rental reference letters to current and former public housing tenants. This are to assist them in accessing alternative housing options.

    Rental reference operational guidelines (word)