CIMS learning and development

A range of training materials have been developed to support users of the client incident management system (CIMS).

Please note that some materials were created to support the implementation of the CIMS, and should be read with policy updates and related summary documents on the Client incident management system page for funded agencies.

Policy update 1-2020 (word) applies from 3 February 2020. Key changes include:

  • extending the timeline for submission of major impact incident reports from within 24 hours of incident disclosure to within three business days of becoming aware of the incident
  • replacing the monthly bulk submission of non-major impact incident reports with a requirement to submit reports individually within three business days of becoming aware of the incident
  • removing the screening process for major impact incidents (follow-up actions are determined automatically)
  • a requirement to submit case review outcomes to the department.

Updates will be progressively made to content to reflect changes.

CIMS eLearning Training Module

All service provider staff who are required to report client incidents in CIMS, should complete this eLearning training module. 

The module provides service provider staff with an overview of the CIMS policy and outlines the key requirements to support the effective management of the client incident reporting process from start to finish.

The module takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, and upon completion participants will:  

  • Understand the five stages of the client incident reporting process
  • Recognise an incident in the context of CIMS
  • Be able to explain the roles and responsibilities in incident reporting
  • Be prepared and capable of using the CIMS IT to create, submit, review, endorse and submit incident reports.

Access the CIMS eLearning module.

Self-paced learning modules

Four self-paced learning modules to support service provider staff in their understanding of the CIMS policy have been developed.

Each module will take participants between 1 to 2 hours to complete. They include the learning objectives for participants, a number of self-checked learning activities and a participant feedback form.

Module 1: The CIMS end-to-end model (word)

Module 2: Responding to and reporting client incidents (word)

Module 3: Investigating client incidents (word)

Module 4: Reviewing client incidents (word)

CIMS IT user manuals

Two detailed CIMS IT user guides support service provider staff to use the CIMS IT have been developed.

Training environment incident report webform

The training incident report webform provides support to service provider staff in creating and submitting a client incident report.
Please note that in the training environment:

  • Users must select ‘Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)' as the service provider organisation
  • The function to ‘save and return to a draft incident report’ is not enabled.

CIMS instructional videos

How to create an incident report: all users

All staff can create and submit an incident report using the CIMS webform.

How to action and submit an incident report: registered users

Only registered users can action, endorse and submit incident reports once they have been created by frontline staff. 

CIMS Helpline

Specific policy and system related supports is available through the CIMS website resources or via email:

Stakeholders using their own IT reporting system and submitting incidents via the application program interface (API) should continue to speak with their IT vendor.