Code of Conduct for Disability workers

The Code of Conduct applies the obligation of zero tolerance of abuse of people with disability and prescribes the behaviour expected of you as a disability support workers and the requirements of disability service provider organisations.

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to promote adherence to a zero tolerance of abuse and neglect of people with a disability in Department of Families, Fairness and Housing funded, delivered, contracted and registered disability services.

Code of Conduct

The Code

  • Contains five obligations that all disability support workers must abide by
  • Explains each obligation and provides example behaviours that demonstrate what each obligation looks like in practice and what it may look like if the obligation has been violated
  • Does not cover every possible situation, but summarises the minimum standards of behaviour required by disability support workers to ensure a zero tolerance of abuse
  • Does not include all responsibilities of a disability service worker
  • Does not replace other Codes of Conduct, policies and guidelines that may apply in disability service provider organisations.

Implementation toolkit

An Implementation document has also been prepared to assist disability service providers to implement the Code of Conduct for disability service workers.

  • Code of conduct for disability service workers: implementation instruction for employers. See Related resources on this page.

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