Victorian Disability Worker Commission

The Victorian Disability Worker Commission will commence services on 1 July 2020.

The Victorian Disability Worker Commission's role is to administer the Disability Worker Regulation Scheme (the scheme), which forms part of the Victorian Government’s zero tolerance approach to the abuse of people with disability.

As part of the scheme, the Victorian Disability Worker Commissioner and the Disability Worker Registration Board of Victoria have been appointed, and will be supported by the Victorian Disability Worker Commission. The scheme aims to:

  • Ensure people with disability receive high quality services
  • Ensure workers have the necessary skills, experience and qualifications to provide quality services
  • Stop people who pose a serious risk of harm from providing disability services in Victoria
  • Enable people with disability to exercise greater choice and control in their lives.

The Victorian Disability Worker Commission will be your contact point for the scheme, and all enquiries or matters related to the scheme should be directed to the Commission after 1 July 2020.

Responsibilities for disability service providers

Disability service providers have ongoing responsibilities to ensure that their employees are screened for their suitability to provide supports and services to people with disability. Providers must recruit, manage and retain a safe and appropriately skilled workforce to meet the community’s expectations, and to comply with a range of existing laws and funding requirements.

The scheme will support disability providers to meet these obligations by providing:

  • Access to an on-line Register of Disability Workers to support thorough recruitment practices
  • Access to a register of workers who are prohibited from providing disability services, including unregistered workers, to check that your workforce is safe and compliant
  • The regulator with the ability to set, monitor and enforce minimum registration standards for disability workers reflecting continuing professional development, English language, physical and mental health, and currency of practice requirements.
  • The introduction of a Code of Conduct which sets minimum standards of conduct for all unregistered disability workers
  • Legal protection for the use of reserved professional titles, thereby recognising and rewarding those disability workers (and their employers) for undertaking accredited training and meeting professional registration standards
  • A system for receiving, investigating and responding to complaints and notifications about disability workers, with the ability to resolve complaints through conciliation and agreement where appropriate
  • The ability to undertake health and performance assessments of registered disability workers and to place conditions on workers' registration, if necessary, to protect the public

More information

For more information on the Victorian Disability Worker Commission and the scheme, see the Victorian Disability Worker Commission website.