Disability workers learning videos

Video resources to further workplace learning and development for disability workers.

Infection prevention control

The Infection prevention and control for disability residential services - Video was published in August 2008.

The Infection prevention and control in disability residential services - video aims to be a starting point in discussions with house staff about infection prevention and control measures used in each house.

It is based on Disability Services practice instructions found in 3.10 of the Residential Services Practice Manual.

Brushing up on oral health video

The Brushing up on oral health video has been developed jointly by Dental Health Services Victorian and Disability Services to assist disability support workers to promote good oral health care for people with an intellectual disability.

The video covers:

  • General strategies
  • Oral hygiene techniques
  • The best way to brush teeth
  • The best way to floss teeth
  • The best way to clean dentures
  • Overcoming resistance to oral health care
  • Overcoming other challenges
  • Advice and information.

The video runs for 20 minutes and contains both subtitles and descriptive audio.

Transcript – Brushing up on oral health (word). If you would like to access the Oral Care Hygiene Profile and supporting documentation, please contact the Office of Professional Practice.

Administration of medication video

This video forms part of the initial DAS induction learning program and can also be used for maintaining or developing administration of medication knowledge.

Documentation used in your organisation may not be as displayed in this video. Please check with your management to confirm the most up to date version of documentation for your organisation