My Health Record and out-of-home care

My Health Record is a personally controlled, secure online summary of a person’s health information.

About My Health Record

As of February 2019, the My Health Record program has been rolled out across Australia.

For people who did not opt-out by 31 January 2019, an MHR has been created.

The department is working closely with the Commonwealth to implement this program, and to ensure that children and young people in out-home-care have the opportunity to benefit from a MHR in a safe and effective way.

For more information, see the My Health Record website.

Benefits of an MHR for children in out-of-home care

A My Health Record is particularly useful in caring for children who:

  • may have complex medical care needs
  • are utilising multiple health care providers
  • frequently transition between out-of-home care providers, as health information moves with the child; and
  • do not have a regular health care provider.

Young people 14 years or older in out-of-home care have the option to take control of their MHR.

More information

The Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) is the Commonwealth agency responsible for the national roll-out of My Health Record and has a 24 hour helpline (1800 723 471) to respond to requests.

The department has also created a range of fact sheets to assist carers, parents and service providers.