Integrated reports and information system

The Integrated Reports and Information System (IRIS) has been developed to promote greater consistency and reliability of Family Services data.

The Integrated Reports and Information System (IRIS) is the data collection system used by Child FIRST and Family Services to record client and service data to comply with the provisions of the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005, the Strategic framework for Family Services and the requirements of the Department of Health Policy and Funding Plan.

Data dictionary

IRIS records key data about the client and service profile within Family Services. All data fundamentally derives from practice – from the initial referral to Family Services, through key client issues and service activities to the case outcome and closure reason.

IRIS data provides a window to analysing the broad characteristics of Family Service interventions and client families. It is also the primary source for information about the performance and capacity of the Family Service program.

IRIS data directory

Practice advice

Practice advice is available in regard to the classification and recording of 'significant concerns for the wellbeing of a child and unborn referrals'. For more information see, Child FIRST and Family Services Policy and Practice Advice in Related resources.


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These training modules are available for your reference. They are pre-release samples of what we hope will grow to become a useful library of training resources. As such, they are subject to change at any time.


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