Capital development guidelines - series 7

These guidelines outline the department's policy, procedures and processes to manage risk to life due to fire in buildings or facilities that are owned, managed or funded by the department.

The use of the guidelines is subject to the following:

  • The guidelines do not constitute all of the possible fire safety matters that could apply to a specific situation. They are provided for assistance in determining appropriate fire safety measures. It is up to individuals acting with appropriate professional advice to determine their application to particular situations
  • Guidelines CDG 7.3 to CDG 7.12 must only be used for purposes within the range set out in the introduction section at the start of each document.

Owners, occupiers and operators of facilities and buildings may be subject to various other statutory, common law and contractual obligations. This is in addition to the fire safety requirements and standards in these guidelines. Therefore, they should seek advice, including legal advice, on the existence and scope of their particular contractual obligations.