Organisational uplift funding

Funding is available for organisations that had a surge in demand during the recent floods.

The funding is to recover expenses incurred when providing housing needs that:

  • are outside the scope of current support packages
  • are not business-as-usual activities.

Eligible organisations

Organisations that can apply for the funding are:

  • community housing providers
  • homelessness agencies
  • ACCO/Aboriginal services.

Eligible expenses

You can claim for expenses that:

  • cannot be recovered by Personal Hardship Assistance Program payments. For example, relocation costs.
  • are not covered by insurance. For example, inspections and minor remediations of uninsured properties. Funds are limited to $5,000 per property.
  • are not covered by current support packages.
  • are for resources essential to providing support during recovery from flooding. For example, new business equipment.
  • occurred when supporting people or communities not the principal responsibility of other agencies. For example, Centrelink, NDIS and other social support services.
  • occurred when supporting people or communities during the response and recovery phases of the flooding. For example, staff overtime costs.
    You cannot claim standard salary costs.

How to apply

Before you apply, you will need:

  • scanned copies of invoices and other evidence to support your application
  • an electronic signature.

To apply for these funds, please:

  1. Complete the Housing and homelessness services organisational uplift funding claim form (Excel). There are examples to guide you in the spreadsheet.
  2. Send the completed spreadsheet, invoices and other evidence to

Once your application has been approved, you can issue an invoice to Homes Victoria.

The funding is available until 30 November 2023 or until the fund has been exhausted.

Contact us

If you have questions about the fund, please email