Information for schools

The Refugee Minor Program works closely with schools to support refugee children and young people to succeed at school.

Challenges that refugee children can experience at school

Many refugee children have had disrupted education as a result of war and displacement. In some cases, children may not have had any formal education.

Refugee children and young people can also experience various settlement challenges as a result of the stress and trauma many have experienced prior to their arrival in Australia. These settlement challenges can result in behavioural challenges, learning difficulties and depression.

Unaccompanied Humanitarian Minors (UHM) potentially have the additional challenge of not having the same level of support and guidance, as children with parents. 

Challenges for carers

Carers can also find it difficult to provide support for refugee children's education. They may not have experienced a western education system, or they may be dealing with their own settlement education and other family pressures.

Signing permission and education documents

In some cases, the department's officers in the Refugee Minor Program may act on behalf of the guardian and sign permission and education documents.

For more information, see Legal guardianship of unaccompanied humanitarian minors.