Food Relief Taskforce Action Plan

Empowering communities through healthy and dignified food relief

Taskforce members have committed to working together through a shared vision to:

  • improve the quality and accessibility of food relief
  • create greater capacity to deliver food relief to people and communities in need.


These key principles will guide the taskforce’s work:

  • Food relief is an essential service and should be accessible to all Victorians who need it.
  • Dignified access to healthy, nutritious and culturally appropriate food is critical to the health and wellbeing of Victorians.
  • An integrated food relief system ensures that:
    • food relief activities are coordinated and efficient
    • diverse approaches that target people and communities in need.

Strategic priorities

The Taskforce Action Plan has a series of priority projects to be completed while the taskforce is in operation. The taskforce will also develop recommendations for longer-term work across four areas of focus:

  • robust system knowledge and the ability to direct responses to areas of need
  • improved access to healthy and culturally appropriate food
  • enhanced collaboration and effectiveness of the food relief system
  • sustainable food supply, and improved viability and capacity across the food relief sector.

Find out more about the Food Relief Taskforce Action Plan (Word).