Step by Step Aboriginal Assessment tool 2010

Step by Step 2020 the new mandatory assessment tool for foster care applicants is now available. Until December 2020, Step by Step 2006 and Step by Step Aboriginal Assessment Tool 2010 can continue to be used where necessary while assessors register to use the new tool.

The Step by Step Aboriginal Assessment tool 2010 is the Victorian version of the competency-based resource for assessing potential foster carers.

It contains an assessment record that has been adapted from NSW for use in Victoria. 

The other parts of the package have not been modified, which means you may notice minor inconsistencies between the 'Manual for Assessors' and the 'Assessment Record'.

Note: The Assessment Record provides the correct template for all assessment activities required in Victoria. For instance, the Manual for Assessors refers to two referee checks, however in Victoria three referee checks are required and so the Assessment record provides a template for this. If further clarification is required, you can cross-check the Aboriginal Manual for Assessors with the mainstream Step by Step Victoria Leader’s Guide.

Using the Step by Step Aboriginal Assessment Tool

The Step by Step Aboriginal Assessment Tool can be used by all workers who have attended Step by step Victoria familiarisation training and completed three assessments of foster carers.

Under no circumstances should you provide any part of the package to anyone outside your organisation. Copyright is shared between the State of NSW and the State of Victoria, Department of Health and Human Services.

The package contains 4 specialised Aboriginal resources and three Step by step Victoria resources.

The assessment package can be downloaded from this website, see 'Related resources'.

If you have lost your password, you should send an email to