Supported residential services registration and other applications

Key messages

  • A proprietor must have approval before starting a supported residential services (SRS) business or taking over ownership of an existing SRS.
  • Prospective proprietors must lodge a complete registration application with the department's Human Services Regulator
  • Current proprietors must apply for changes at their SRS including a change of director, to appoint a manager, and to vary or cancel registration.

On this page, the terms ‘we’ and ‘us’ refer to the department’s Human Services Regulator.

Registration of SRS premises

Before an SRS can operate, the premises must be registered with us. The business owner (proprietor) must hold a Certificate of Registration which allows the proprietor to operate an SRS business from the premises.

Find more information about registering an SRS at Supported residential service process and requirements.

Registration of premises not registered as an SRS

When the premises are ready, or nearly ready, a proprietor can apply for registration. We assess if the proprietor is suitable under the criteria in the SRS Act and Regulations. More information can be found at Supported residential service registration process and requirements.

Registration of premises registered as an SRS, for a change of ownership (sale or purchase)

If the proprietor of an existing registered SRS wants to sell the business to a prospective proprietor, the prospective proprietor must apply to us for registration and the existing proprietor must also apply to cancel their registration.

The purchaser cannot operate the SRS until the registration application has been approved by us and the contract of sale is settled.

We use the same criteria to assess an ownership change as for assessing a new registration, except for the criteria relating to premises suitability. 

Note to purchasers

If you buy an SRS, you should make yourself aware of any compliance issues from the date of settlement. Compliance issues can relate to documentation, construction, infrastructure, or other issues.

You should make your own assessment of how well the SRS complies with all the requirements, and how much it could cost to achieve full compliance. 

You should not assume the SRS is compliant simply because it is registered or because we recently inspected it.

Approval of change in director

If the proprietor of an SRS is an incorporated body (a company or association), and a person ceases to be a director or other officer of the incorporated body, the proprietor must notify us within seven days.

If a person is appointed as a new director or other officer, the proprietor must apply to have that person approved as suitable to carry on, exercise control over or manage an SRS within seven days of their appointment.

The application form sets out the information and documentation required and the criteria that will be assessed.

Approval of an SRS manager

A proprietor must not employ a manager if the proprietor (or any of its directors) is not normally on site to carry out, direct and undertake the day-to-day operation of the SRS.

The proprietor must apply to us for the approval of a person to be a manager of an SRS within seven days of employing the manager.

The application form sets out the information and documentation required and the criteria that will be assessed. We will assess whether the person is suitable once a complete application is received.

Variation of registration

Proprietors of existing SRS must apply to us if they wish to vary their registration. Reasons to vary the registration may include:

  • adding registered beds
  • altering conditions
  • extending or altering the facility premises, by doing renovations.

An application to vary SRS registration include application forms, a fees schedule and SRS design guidelines.

Email to get the application form to vary your SRS registration.

Cancellation of registration

SRS proprietors must apply to us if they wish cancel their registration for any reason. The proprietor must provide residents with at least 28 days’ notice of an intention to close.

The proprietor must also apply to cancel the registration if they wish to sell the SRS to another person.