Supported residential services online application forms

Key messages

  • Some supported residential services (SRS) applications are submitted online.
  • You must have all relevant information and supporting documents ready before starting the application form.

For  SRS-related applications not listed on this page, visit Supported residential services registration and other applications.

Types of applications

The types of applications available online are:

Application for registration

This online form is used to apply for the registration of a new SRS premises or if you intend to purchase a currently operating SRS.

You must have a personalised code to submit this application. This code is provided after you have attended a pre-lodgement meeting. Please view Supported residential service process and requirements for more information about the registration process.

Application for approval of a person to manage a SRS

The proprietor must apply for the approval of a person to be a manager of an SRS. The application form must be completed and signed by the proprietor.

You must provide a manager’s statement, which must be completed by the proposed manager. The manager’s statement form is available to download on the Resources for SRS proprietors page.

Application for suitability of new director or officer of proprietor

This form is used when a person is appointed as a director or other officer of a SRS proprietor that is a body corporate.

Submitting an online application

Before you start

You must have all relevant information and supporting documents ready before starting the application form. The Supported residential service process and requirements page provides advice about the registration criteria to support your application to become an SRS proprietor.  

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • 100 points of identification. Identification must be certified and at least one document must contain a photograph
  • A criminal record check no more than six months old, from either Victoria PoliceAustralian Federal Police or any other provider appearing on the most current Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission's list of Accredited 'Broker' Organisations
  • If you have lived continuously in an overseas country for more than 12 months in the past 10 years, you must provide an overseas criminal record check. You must contact the overseas police force to obtain a criminal or police record check and submit it with this application.

Additional supporting documents are required and will vary depending on what type of application you are submitting.

Access the application form

To apply online, visit the SRS online forms portal.

You must supply a valid email address.

You can save a partially completed application, however the application must be completed within 30 days of beginning the application.

After completing the form

When you have successfully submitted a completed application, you will receive a confirmation email.

You can download a PDF copy of your completed form once you have submitted the form. You may also choose to obtain a PDF copy of your completed form via the confirmation email.

Please note that you should not consider the submission of an application as automatically accepted or approved. We will review your application and be in touch to confirm next steps.