Supported residential services

Supported residential services (SRS) are privately operated businesses that provide accommodation and support for Victorians who need help with everyday activities. Each SRS determines the services it offers and its fees.

Information for residents of SRS

If you are a resident, visit Supported residential services on the department's Services website. Our Services website has information about:

  • accessing SRS
  • providing feedback about SRS.

Registering an SRS

Prospective SRS proprietors must apply to be assessed and approved for registration of premises.

Current proprietors must apply to:

  • change a director
  • appoint a manager
  • vary or cancel their registration.

For more information visit:

Operating an SRS

SRS proprietors must protect the safety and well-being of residents and support them to:

  • live as independently as possible
  • be part of decisions about the services that they receive.

SRS proprietors must be familiar with the legislation governing SRS and the department’s role in administering the legislation.

For more information, visit:

Incidents in SRS

An incident is any event that threatens the safety of a resident or staff at or about an SRS.

SRS are required to record all incidents. You must only notify the department of prescribed reportable incidents. This must be done by the end of the next business day.

There are four types of prescribed reportable incidents:

  • an unexpected death of a resident
  • a serious injury of a resident
  • a fire or other emergency event
  • an alleged serious sexual or physical assault.

Recording and reporting incidents

You can find templates to record and report incidents in SRS on the Resources for SRS Proprietors webpage.

More information about recording and responding to incidents in SRS and disclosures of sexual assault is available in section 11 of Operating a supported residential service: a guide for proprietors.

Supporting residents

Your local Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA) can support SRS residents who have disclosed a sexual assault. For more information, visit CASA.

You can find family violence support services at The Orange Door.

Community visitors

The SRS legislation allows community visitors to visit residents at any time and attend SRS unannounced. Community visitors can talk to residents to understand their experiences, identify issues and liaise with staff and management to provide feedback and resolve issues.

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