Roster and attendance system

The Roster and Attendance System (RAS) allows you to update your own availability for shift replacement purposes remotely from home.

How do you access RAS

  • Step 1: Log onto the page (the user will only be able to access their own availability page)
  • Step 2: Enter the following:
    • HSNet Username: e.g. atay1502
    • HSNet Password: same as when logging in a department PC
  • Step 3: Select 'Log in'.

Note: Please make sure the page is accessed from a secure PC (e.g. from a home PC). We strongly recommend that you avoid public Wi-Fi for privacy and security reasons e.g. accessing the page when in a cafe, train etc.


Issues with logging in

If you are unable to log in from home:

  • Try and log in from a secure computer that is part of the department's intranet network, such as your group home computer or a computer at our office. If you are unable to log in from a department facility, please contact IT Services on 131 765.
  • If you can log in from within the department (but not from home), then the problem is your home computer or internet connection, and this is not supported by IT Services.

Our Privacy statement has information about how any personal information about you will be treated as you access and interact with our website.