Registration requirements for disability service providers

Requirements for registration of Disability Service Providers under the Disability Act

The Policy and procedures for the registration of disability service providers and community services sets out the Secretary’s requirements for registration of disability service providers (DSP) under the Disability Act 2006 (Act). The policy overviews the legislative and policy requirements for disability service providers.

Initial registration

Unless exempt, entities that apply for initial registration under the Act must complete a self-assessment to demonstrate their capacity to comply with the Human Services Standards (Standards). 

There are two self-assessment tools. Both include a self-assessment, action plan and quality improvement plan. The service providers' circumstances determine which self-assessment tool to use.

Providers must also submit a staff, volunteer, carer and client file audit tool. Instructions on how to complete it are included in the tool.

Register of disability service providers

Section 46 of the Disability Act 2006 requires the department to keep and make publicly available a register of disability service providers.

The register of disability service providers is separate to the register of authorised program officers kept by the Senior Practitioner and referred to in sections 139(3) and 190(3) of the Act.

For more information, go to the register of disability service providers.

Change or remove information on Register

Registered DSPs must notify the Human Services Regulator within 14 days of any changes to their details kept on the register.

To change or remove information on the register, use the Change and/or removal of information recorded on the register of disability service providers and/or register of community services (Form C) (accessible).