Planning for people

The Disability Act 2006 outlines a planning approach that will enable people with a disability to enjoy the same rights, opportunities and responsibilities - allowing them to fully and equally participate in community life.

Planning is an important tool for people with a disability in identifying their goals and aspirations, throughout various life stages, and working out how these can be achieved.

Many people with a disability and their families and carers are able to undertake some or all of their own planning, and should be supported to do so wherever possible.

For more information see the Planning for people information sheet in Related resources.

Disability services planning policy 2009

This policy provides information for people who have a disability, as defined by the Disability Act 2006, and who require assistance with planning or planning to guide the provision of supports.

This policy applies to all disability service providers in relation to how they undertake planning with people who have a disability, in accordance with the definition in the Act.

For more information, see Related resources.