NDIS supports in supported residential services

A growing number of supported residential services (SRS) proprietors are now delivering or facilitating services covered by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to residents.

SRS and NDIS services often align. Many people who choose to live in an SRS are eligible to receive NDIS funding to access individualised support services. Approximately 30 per cent of SRS residents in Victoria are currently NDIS participants.

As residents may choose to access a range of services, it is important that the boundaries between fee-for-service SRS and NDIS funded services are maintained. Where residents receive NDIS funded services, proprietors should ensure that residents:

  • receive what they pay for
  • have agency and choice in the delivery of services
  • have access to enough, appropriately trained staff to meet their needs
  • have support plans that clearly outline what services will be provided.

Regulatory oversight

The department’s Human Services Regulator administers the SRS Act and Regulations, and monitors compliance by SRS proprietors to ensure they meet their obligations.

The Human Services Regulator takes a collaborative approach to overseeing compliance by SRS proprietors who deliver or facilitate NDIS funded services to residents. This includes sharing information with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission and National Disability Insurance Agency to protect the safety and wellbeing of SRS residents who are also NDIS participants.

The Human Services Regulator may take regulatory action where an SRS does not have sufficient processes in place to separate its SRS and NDIS supports. Information about possible enforcement action is available in section 17 of Operating a supported residential service: A guide for proprietors.

Compliance guidance

The Human Services Regulator has developed guidance to support SRS proprietors to comply with relevant regulatory requirements in the context of NDIS funded services.

Proprietors must also comply with a range of other requirements in the SRS Act and Regulations. For more information, see Operating a supported residential service: A guide for proprietors.