Resources for supported residential service proprietors

On this page, the terms ‘we’ and ‘us’ refer to the department’s Human Services Regulator.

We provide resources to assist proprietors of supported residential services to comply with policy and legislative requirements.


SRS issues protocol between the Office of the Public Advocate - Community Visitors (Residential Services) Program and the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing


Operating a supported residential service: A guide for proprietors

SRS Facility Guidelines - Revision 7 - October 2021

Emergency management planning - A guide to developing an emergency management plan for your supported residential service

Living in an SRS: a guide for residents and prospective residents on

Say no to abuse - Supported Residential Services


SRS Newsletter - August 2023 (Word

SRS Newsletter - May 2023 (Word)

SRS Newsletter - February 2023 (Word)

SRS Newsletter - December 2022 (Word) 

SRS Newsletter - Spring 2021 (Word)

SRS Newsletter - Winter 2021 (Word)


These templates contain the minimum prescribed information set out in SRS legislation. You don't have to use our templates, but you must record all prescribed information.

Residential and Services Agreement (RSA) - template form

Resident transfer form template DFFH

Support Plan Sample A

Support Plan Sample B

Reportable incident record template

Incident record template

Notice to Vacate - Template

PSC training development log - Template

Application templates

Manager's statement form for supported residential services (SRS)

Request for change of supported residential services name

Application for cancellation of supported residential services registration


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