Financial hardship

Where undue financial hardship is cited for the non-payment of fees, there are guidelines on how to assist that apply to all disability service providers who are funded to provide disability services.

Undue financial hardship occurs where a service user or their administrator is unable to pay a fee for a disability accommodation service due to financial reasons.

The undue financial hardship experienced by the service user may be due to one-off extraordinary circumstances, for example medical bills associated with a sudden illness, or may be longer-term. 

In what circumstances will a fee be waivered or reduced?

A fee waiver or reduction will only be granted if the service user, or their administrator is able to clearly demonstrate to the department that:

  • No further adjustments can be made to the income/expenditure of the service user without unduly impacting on the person’s health and wellbeing. Impact on health and wellbeing is measured by access to the ordinary necessities of life such as medication, food, housing, clothing and health services, and
  • The service user has no other source of income supplement, including any additional financial assistance that may be available to support the person’s level of expenditure.

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