Disability services performance reporting

When we fund a community-based organisation to provide services to people with a disability they have an obligation to meet our service monitoring requirements.

Policy and funding plan

This outlines each of Disability Services 23 funded activities and lists standards and monitoring requirements. For more information, see Policy and Funding Plans.

Quarterly data collection and reporting

The Quarterly Data Collection (QDC) information system aims to streamline the data reported to us by service providers of disability services, psychiatric disability rehabilitation and support services, and home and community care.

We are a partner to the Commonwealth and State/Territory Disability Agreement (CSTDA). As part of this agreement, the our Disability Services Division coordinates the Victorian collection for the National Minimum Data Set (NMDS).

In Victoria, the redevelopment of the CSTDA-NMDS has provided the opportunity to streamline the information that agencies are required to provide to us under various reporting requirements. This process minimises the duplication of effort for service providers.

Currently, the data sets which apply to the QDC information system are:

  • Agency Performance and Data Collection (AP&DC)
  • Psychiatric Disability Support Services Data Collection (PDSS)
  • Commonwealth and State/Territory Disability Agreement-National Minimum Data Set (CSTDA-NMDS)
  • Home and Community Care Data Collections (HACC)

Data reporting will be carried out quarterly.

Installation and set up of the QDC tool

The Quarterly Data Collection (QDC) tool allows you to export data from the QDC database as a comma-delimited file (CSV), which is an appropriate format for importing into Microsoft Excel or Access.

For information about how to install and set up the QDC Tool contact the Quarterly Data Collection helpdesk.