Compliance with Child Safe Standards

The Child Safe Standards are compulsory for all Victorian organisations that provide services or facilities for children, including those that are funded and/or regulated by Government, and those that are not.

This includes organisations that provide services to both adults and children. For example, a hospital that provides services to adults, as well as children, will need to comply with the Standards.

Examples of the services for children funded and/or regulated by the department (and therefore requiring the funded organisation to comply with the Standards) include but are not limited to:

  • Out-of-home care services
  • Family violence or sexual assault services
  • Housing services and homeless services
  • Youth services
  • Support services for parents and families
  • Public and denominational hospitals, public health services, private hospitals, multipurpose services, day procedure centres and registered community health services
  • Designated mental health services and publicly funded mental health community support services
  • Disability services
  • Cultural, sport or recreational services for children.

We have developed a compliance monitoring framework to support our organisations to understand and maintain compliance with the Standards. For more information, see Compliance Monitoring Framework on the Child Safe Standards page.

The role of the Commission for Children and Young People

Under the Child Wellbeing and Safety Act 2005, the Commission for Children and Young People holds legislative powers to oversee and enforce an organisation's compliance with the standards.

Many organisations have an existing funding and/or regulatory relationship with a Victorian Government department or statutory body. Where such a relationship exists, the Commission will leverage existing government funding and regulatory arrangements to promote and monitor compliance with the Standards. This includes DHHS, as the relevant authority for organisations funded and/or regulated by the department.

For organisations funded and/or regulated by the department, queries about Child Safe Standards can be directed to the Child Safe Standards enquiry lines (see 'Contacts'). 

All other organisations should seek advice through their existing funding and/or regulatory relationships or contact the Commission for Children and Young People (see 'Contacts').

Department of Health and Human Services
For department funded and/or regulated organisations
(03) 9096 6160
Commission for Children and Young People
(03) 8601 5281